Ring Week: A wild, wacky, and deeply meaningful tradition
Ring Week: A wild, wacky, and deeply meaningful tradition

You know it's Ring Week when you see cows, cotton candy, and troll dolls running around campus.

Ring Week is a long-standing tradition that starts with three days of costumed tomfoolery and ends with a meaningful dinner where seniors present juniors with their class rings. Ring sisters stay close with one another long after graduating.

This year's Ring Week kicked off on Wednesday, February 7, with a derby. Seniors painted their ring sisters' faces and gave them riding caps and goggles to wear and inflatable stick horses to "ride" around campus for the day.

For the next two days, groups of seniors created costumes, skits, and activities for the juniors. On Thursday, juniors dressed as trolls, bowling balls and pins, traffic cones, playing cards, "Shrek" characters, inflatable cows, and Barbies still in their boxes. On Friday they were cotton candy, piñatas, inflatable bath tubs, frogs, and characters from "Winnie the Pooh," "Mario Kart," "Inside Out," and "Stranger Things." The students wore their costumes all day and had a list of things to find or activities to complete. The bath tubs had to find rubber duckies around campus. The kids from "Stranger Things" had to run around looking for Will on command. Trolls handed out hugs.

On Saturday, the silliness is set aside as seniors host an elegant dinner for their ring sisters, a rite of passage that captures the essence of Santa Catalina sisterhood. Ring Week is a beloved tradition filled with creativity, fun, and generosity of spirit.

See photos from the first three days of Ring Week 2018.

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