Senior named top witness in county Mock Trial contest
Senior named top witness in county Mock Trial contest

Fatemeh '21 won the award for Outstanding Prosecution Witness during Monterey County's 23rd annual Mock Trial competition. Fatemeh also stepped in as the star witness for the defense when a classmate couldn't compete.

Seventeen Santa Catalina School students participated in Mock Trial this year, including six new students and seven returning members who took on new roles. The contest, held over four days from March 3-13, went virtual for the first time, which meant students had to learn a whole new set of rules.

The case involved a YouTuber who was accused of aiding and abetting a fan who broke in and stole materials from a California official's home.

Mock Trial advisor Beth Jones said, "Although we had to hold all of our meetings virtually in less than half the usual time, all of the members of Mock Trial contributed to an enjoyable and successful experience. Each team member demonstrated her commitment by studying the case carefully, creating a unified case theory with her teammates, memorizing her witness statement, writing scripts for the trial, and composing pretrial and opening and closing statements. During competition, each member of the team performed her role confidently and with poise. I am very proud of the dedication and hard work of each team member along with the supportive camaraderie of the team as a whole."

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