Solving the world's problems through Model UN
Solving the world's problems through Model UN

Thirteen Santa Catalina students participated in the Lyceum of Monterey County's fifth annual High School Model United Nations Conference on October 28.

Olivia Gebreamlak '19 won an Outstanding Representation Award for representing the United States on the Historical Security Council of 1993. The council's topic was "The Situation in Rwanda."

Model U.N. simulates the real-life United Nations, with students researching, debating, and setting policies on international issues. The program gives students the opportunity to practice negotiation, public speaking, and research skills, and helps them empathize with other countries.

Students represented various countries on one of three committees: the Historical Security Council; the General Assembly Second Committee (ECOFIN), whose topic was the "Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity"; and the Human Rights Council, which discussed "Human Rights, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity." The students wrote position papers about their topic and how the country they represented would respond. Olivia and Coco Wang '18 also participated in the press conference-style debriefing and discussion at the end of the conference.

To prepare, the Catalina team met for 20 minutes every Thursday since September, doing most of their work independently. Coco led the group and mentored the freshmen and first-timers. She and Jane Hoffman '21 reflected on their position papers during the October 25 Chapel Service.

Next, the group is looking forward to the Santa Clara Valley Model U.N. conference in January.

Here are the Lyceum conference participants and the countries they represented:

Human Rights Council
Jane Hoffman '21 (Ecuador)
Coco Wang '18 (Japan)
Ayo Adeyemi '21 (Nigeria)
Victoria Gorum '19 (U.K.)
Amira Chou '19 (U.K.)
Emily Poole '19 (U.S.)

Historical Security Council
Julia Bledsoe '20 (Hungary)
Coco Chai '18 (China)
Orlinka Mitoko-Kereere '18 (China)
Oliva Gebreamlak '19 (U.S.)

General Assembly
Carolina Bishop-Iglesias '18 (Netherlands)
Kari Johnsson '18 (Netherlands)
Clio Feng '19 (Iraq)

Model U.N. participants

(Top photo courtesy of the Lyceum of Monterey County)

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