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Sophomore organizes babysitting event for firefighters
Sophomore organizes babysitting event for firefighters

Sophomore Sarah Sallee is organizing a free babysitting night for local firefighters as a way to thank them for their service.

Babysitting is offered 6:00–9:00 p.m. Friday, February 15, in two classrooms on campus, supervised by Santa Catalina students and faculty. There will be pizza, chips, veggies, games, arts and crafts, and movies.

Space is limited to 25 children, ages 4-14, on a first-come, first-served basis. To RSVP, email Sarah at For questions, email Sarah or faculty advisor Jennifer Duncan at

Sarah said service has long been a part of her life, whether with her family or through school, especially when it involves opportunities to give back to people who serve our country. When Ms. Duncan put out a call for service projects at the beginning of the year, Sarah and her mom began brainstorming. The idea for a firefighter babysitting night was born.

"Service to me is a time where people can come together and work to do good," Sarah says. "An act of service can be as simple as opening a door, helping set up before an event, giving a sandwich to the homeless person on the corner, giving old blankets to homeless animals, saying thank you, or giving someone—everyone—a smile. Some of the most moving moments are when we can come together and interact as a community while doing service. Thinking back to those JDRF walks that my friends and family would attend and to barbecues held while raising money for organizations brings a smile to my face, and it was that idea of community and service walking hand-in-hand that fueled us to put this idea into action. ...

"This event has become what it is thanks to my mom's amazing support, Ms. Duncan's incredible energy and guidance, and many other faculty and students who have volunteered their time and energy to make this service event a reality, along with our very own Catalina firefighters who helped us plan and spread the word.

"Our hope is that this idea can become an annual service event that will bring our community together, honor and illustrate our thanks to our local firefighters for everything they do for us, and provide an opportunity for our community to connect in an evening of laughter, games, and fun!"

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