Sophomores stage 'Merchant of Venice' for Shakespeare Festival
Sophomores stage 'Merchant of Venice' for Shakespeare Festival

Sophomores staged a production of "The Merchant of Venice" for the 28th annual Santa Catalina Shakespeare Festival on February 22.

Merchant of Venice programStudents began by studying the play in their English classes, reading it aloud to get a feel for Shakespeare's language, dissecting significant passages, and discussing major themes such as the role of women, religious conflict, prejudice, and love. From there, they moved to the Performing Arts Center to begin rehearsals. Each of the English classes took on different acts, and each had their own actors, script editors, directors, technicians, and costume and prop coordinators. The result was a fun and entertaining production that had the audience laughing and cheering them on.

"After the performance is over, my students often say that they never could have imagined being on stage before this and that they are happy they got the chance to perform," said sophomore English teacher Akemi Ueda. "For some of them, just getting on stage makes them break into a cold sweat, but through the process of rehearsals and the performance, they learn that they are capable of doing more than they thought they could. I hope that this gives them confidence to stretch themselves and be assertive in everyday life."

See photos from the performance.

(Program cover art by Georgina Burton '20)

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