Sports Awards honor athletes across 12 sports
Sports Awards honor athletes across 12 sports

Sports Awards for the 2018-19 season were presented during Spirit Day on May 29.

Catalina athletes competed in 227 contests across 12 sports this year. Congratulations to all of our athletes!

The Awards

Fall Sports
Cross Country

Most Valuable Runner: Ana Leissner '21
Coaches Award: Kacey Konya '19
Coaches Award: Mia Bennett '19

Field Hockey
Coaches Award: Lauren Dean '20
Coaches Award: Angie Leissner '22
Coaches Award: Joanna Lin '20

Most Valuable Player: Grace Deakyne '20
Most Improved Player: Sophia Chun '22
Coaches Award: Alex Nickle '21

Tennis - JV
Most Valuable Player: Amira Chou '19
Most Improved Player: Angelia Shi '21
Coaches Award: Emma Ubertino '20

Tennis - Varsity
Most Valuable Player: Annabel Stork '19
Team Spirit Award: Gabriella Nagy '20
Coaches Award: Bella Pierre '22

Volleyball - JV
Most Valuable Player: Anna Bella Hrepich '22
Most Valuable Player: Gianna Borges '22
Coaches Award: Georgia Meyer '22

Volleyball - Varsity
Most Valuable Player: Alicia Rector '19
Coaches Award: Kia Shoemaker '19
Inspirational Award: Angela Hu '19

Water Polo - JV
Most Valuable Player: Claire Nowak '22
Most Improved Player: Ashley Liu '21

Water Polo - Varsity
Most Valuable Player: Abbie Fisher '19
Most Valuable Player: Emma Underdown '21
Most Improved: Georgina Burton '20

Winter Sports

Most Valuable Player: Kia Shoemaker '19
Most Valuable Player: Abby Gunter '20
Most Improved Player: Emma Ubertino '20

Soccer - JV
Most Valuable Player: Francesca Postigo '22
Most Improved Player: Milan Coleman '22
Coaches Award: Vanessa Colin '19

Soccer - Varsity
Inspirational Award: Emily Radner '19
Offensive Player Award: Sarah Scheetz '21
Defensive Player Award: Leona Lind '21

Spring Sports

Most Valuable Player: Issy Brooker '20
Most Valuable Player: Sarah Scheetz '21
Most Improved Player: Meg Woolf '21
Coaches Award: Cailin Templeman '22

Coaches Award: Emily Hayes '19
Coaches Award: Emily Radner '19
Coaches Award: Emma James '21

Swimming - JV
Most Valuable Swimmer: Allison Lorentz '20
Most Improved Swimmer: Christina Kwon '21
Coaches Award: Tylor Mehringer '22

Swimming - Varsity
Most Valuable Swimmer: Claire Sullivan '20
Most Improved Swimmer: Whitney Allen '22
Coaches Award: Simone Browne '19

Track and Field
Most Valuable Player: Laurel Wong '19
Coaches Award: Alicia Rector '19
Coaches Award: Leona Lind '21
Coaches Award: Adrienne Wood '21

Specialty Awards
Volunteer softball coach Manuel Gomez: Recognizing 31 years
Santa Catalina Coach Jim Morton: Recognizing 38 years, 6 sports, and 872 wins

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