STAR Interns to lead as alumnae
STAR Interns to lead as alumnae

Thank you to the 2016-17 STAR Interns! We had 11 seniors intern this year in six departments. The goal of the STAR Intern Program is to give seniors leadership opportunities and practical experience. At the end of their junior year, students apply and interview to become STAR Interns. After a student is accepted and based on her interests, she assists for two periods per week as an Alumnae Relations, Art Gallery, Athletics, Communications, Development, or Theatre Arts intern.

The following students will assume class leadership positions as alumnae.

Class Correspondent: Annarose Hunt
Class Agents: Madigan Webb and Lauren Morgenthaler
Class Social Media Editors: Sophia D'Amelio and Isabelle Redfield
Reunion Ambassador: Kaylaa Kawasaki

(Photo: The 2016-17 STAR Interns were, clockwise from left, Sophia D'Amelio, Isabelle Redfield, McCall Brinskele, Sarah Lamp, Jenna Downs, Annarose Hunt, Kaylaa Kawasaki, Madigan Webb, and Taylor Moises. Not pictured: Sophia Hussain and Lauren Morgenthaler.)

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