Student Senate welcomes freshman class officers
Student Senate welcomes freshman class officers

The Student Senate welcomed three freshman class officers during an induction ceremony in the Rosary Chapel on January 17.

The newly elected officers—Sophia Oh, president; Angelia Shi, vice president; and Ashley Liu, secretary—received candles representing the "light of leadership" from juniors Kayla Ginette and Sofie Wang, who had served as freshman day and resident student representatives.

Activities coordinator Jessica Almos '18 explained the meaning of leadership: "Each individual member of the Santa Catalina community is a leader. We lead. We lead by position and by example—always by one, sometimes by both. We lead toward good or away from it, but we lead."

Head of Upper School Dr. Kassandra Brenot '87 also encouraged the new officers to lead with gentleness and generosity.

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