News from Summer at Santa Catalina

Hello from Summer Camp!

We are so excited for our 2016 summer of serious fun! We are wildly preparing the class offerings, the activity calendar, and hiring teachers and counselors. Each summer, we look for teachers who are dynamic and engaging, with a goal to provide diverse, new classes and programs for our campers. We love seeing them transform the mundane into thoughtful, creative wonders. Our counselors are strong mentors and enthusiastic leaders, guiding our young campers to not only find and develop their strengths and skills, but also the sisterhood that will last them a lifetime.

Many of you have found a home at camp for your daughters, nieces, and other family members. As of this newsletter, we already have 30 campers from alumnae legacies ready to build their own Catalina history and join our sisterhood this summer. These campers will be welcomed by our staff, which includes six alumnae—all of whom have a deep passion to spread the Santa Catalina love and confidence to a new generation.

Lastly, we offer a special thank you this year to Laura Lyon Gaon '81 and Shannon McClennahan Mozes '87, who put on awesome events for us in Carmichael, CA and McLean, VA. Summer at Santa Catalina truly is "a girl thing"—no matter your age!

Can't wait to see you on opening day!

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