Thank You, STAR Interns!
Thank You, STAR Interns!

(L-R front row: Brianna Brady, Ruby Bantariza, Emma Williams and Veronica Zelles L-R back row: Lucy Stowe, Sarah Blake, Makenna Wallace, Jenna Mazza, Jessica Gutshall, Courtnie Breitfuss and Emily Szasz *missing from photo: Deneen Argueta)

We had 12 seniors intern this year in 6 departments. The goal of the STAR Intern Program is to give seniors leadership opportunities and practical experience. At the end of their junior year, students apply and interview to become STAR Interns. After a student is accepted and based on her interests, she assists for two periods per week as an Alumnae Relations, an Art Gallery, a Communications, a Development, a Technology/Library, or a Theatre Arts intern.

Each student did an amazing job in her role and we are grateful for all the contributions they made! These students will assume class leadership positions as alumnae.

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