The beginning of the Journey
The beginning of the Journey

Santa Catalina students participated in their first Journey Day of the year on September 7.

Freshmen spent the day in Monterey, taking a historical tour and visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Students smiling on couches

Sophomores created desk covers for freshmen for the traditional Kris Kringle decorating event at Christmas. They also did yoga on the front lawn, learned about good sleep practices, and watched the Hindi-language movie Dangal, about a man who trains his daughters to be world-class wrestlers.

Two girls at garden

Juniors learned about the power of networking from Skillify founder Shireen Jaffer, then left for an afternoon of service projects at places including the Food Bank for Monterey County and Everyone's Harvest community garden.

Seniors worked on college applications during a morning workshop, heard from Jaffer about "college connectivity," and wrapped up the day with yoga.

Journey is Catalina's comprehensive advisory program, which aims to impart Santa Catalina culture to our students, advance their leadership skills, and ensure them excellent college placement. Learn more.

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