Weeks of Well-come give students the perfect tools for our times
Weeks of Well-come give students the perfect tools for our times

If ever there was a time to focus on our health and wellness—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—2020 is it. Santa Catalina School's Student Health and Wellness Committee made it easier with Weeks of Well-come, eight weeks of tips and practices for nurturing all aspects of health.

Weeks of Well-come follows the structure of Santa Catalina's Wheel of Well-being, which is built around the theme of being present and encompasses everything from exercise and sleep to relationships and our physical spaces.

To kick things off, the student committee mailed each of their classmates a care package full of helpful goodies related to the theme of each week. Contents included tea, a jump rope, fairy lights, a journal, stationery, a reusable straw, an angel medal, and more.

Here's a glance of each week's activities.

Personal Development. Students were encouraged to write in their journal following a few prompts that were included in their care package.

Relationships and Communication. Students were invited to use the stationery from their care package to write to a friend or family member. They also learned about games and apps to play with their friends.

Exercise and Movement. Students could try a different exercise each day, and they got tips for staying motivated. They could also contribute to a Catalina Workout playlist on Spotify.

Spirituality. Each day offered a different path to reflection: journaling, meditating, even going outside. Students were encouraged to check in with themselves at the beginning of the week and at the end to see if they could notice any changes.

Environment (Physical). Students received ideas for spicing up their favorite spaces at home, such as adding the fairy lights to their desk area. Other ideas included candles, plants, and relaxing scents.

Nutrition & Hydration. Students got a new recipe to try each day and were asked to share recipes of their own for an end-of-week Catalina Cookbook.

Time for Rest. In addition to tips on how to get a good night's sleep, students learned about different apps that can help reduce stress and anxiety and promote mindfulness.

Kudos to Health and Wellness Director Liz Hulme and the Student Health and Wellness Committee for putting together a program that helped us all explore what we can do at home to keep motivated and feel good.

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