'Weeks of Well-come' help students be healthy and happy
'Weeks of Well-come' help students be healthy and happy

By Liz Hulme
Director of Health and Wellness

Led by the Student Health and Wellness Committee, the school year began with an initiative called "Weeks of Well-come," which spanned eight weeks and highlighted each area on the Santa Catalina Wheel of Well-Being. Each week had a new theme, which was emphasized through announcements, activities, advisories, dorm meetings, snacks, and meal times.

Student leaders Grace Deakyne '20 and Candace Wong '20 kicked off the first week with the theme of being present. The areas of the Wheel of Well-being are represented by the acronym PRESENT. Being present is the foundation of the wheel and is the entry point to discovering our own health and well-being.

Here is a snapshot of the Weeks of Well-come:

Week 1: Being PRESENT

Student passing out cookies

Students celebrated with cookies iced like presents as a reminder to slow down and be present. At the end of the first week of school, students were invited to think of a moment they were grateful for and to share it on the Weeks of Well-come bulletin board.

Week 2: Nutrition and Hydration

Student filling up cup with water

Students were introduced to the nutritional options in the dining room, where we began rolling out monthly themes. September's theme was "The Whole Way" to remind students of the benefits of eating "whole" foods.

Week 3: Spirituality

This week's theme correlated with the Opening of School Mass and invited students to look for opportunities to listen, reflect, serve, and grow. Health teacher Beth Riley led students and faculty in a beautiful meditation during Assembly.

Week 4: Personal Development

When signing up for clubs and activities, students were encouraged to consider what skills or interests they want to develop this year. Advisory groups focused on what students hoped to develop and how they planned to balance their commitments.

Week 5: Physical Environment

Girls in bright colors

The student committee encouraged students to think about ways that our environment and technology can impact our mood, our productivity, and our behavior, and offered some resources for support. On Free Dress Day, before leaving for break, students were invited to wear the color that matched their mood.

Week 6: Relationships and Communication

Students sitting in circle

Students were encouraged through advisory and student announcements to reflect on their relationships. Questions included: What relationships support you? How have they had a positive impact? What are you grateful for in your relationships?

Week 7: Exercise and Movement

Jump ropes, a trampoline, cornhole, and string toss games in front of Study Hall, as well as a volleyball net on the front lawn, invited students to get outside and move.

Week 8: Time for Rest

Students were encouraged to create time for rest with hammocks in front of Study Hall, a freshman dorm meeting on the science of sleep, and assembly announcements.

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