Truly groundbreaking groundwork.

A Santa Catalina PreK boy in class has a mischievous look on his face with his hand on chin. Toy blocks are in the foreground

At Santa Catalina, we believe in the power of play. Our youngest students are given the freedom to experience and build on critical social skills in caring, nurturing surroundings. The Catalina PreK program is designed to balance brain-building exploration, constructive direct instruction, and guided learning. Art, music, science, reading, math—every student gets exposed to major concepts they’ll continue to build upon during their time at Santa Catalina.

Our teachers are devoted to each child’s social development. Care, partnered with a carefully crafted curriculum, helps lay vital groundwork for our PreK students to excel in every facet of their education.

Two Santa Catalina PreK girls run through a playground.

Two Santa Catalina PreK boys sit on a cushioned window seat with books and interact with each other.

Find Your Fit

Santa Catalina offers both half-day and full-day options five days a week.

Students enrolled in the half-day option work on building crucial life skills and hitting developmental milestones. They use their mornings to explore fundamental subject areas such as science, math, literacy, and movement.

Full-day students delve deeper into the academic areas covered in the morning by continuing their learning adventures. They also learn to create tasty recipes, partake in Reader’s Theater, explore science and nature, and express themselves through individual and group art projects.

Children applying to PreKindergarten must turn 4 years old by July 15 of their enrollment year.

Visit Us!

The best way to learn about our PreK program is to experience it for yourself! We hold two PreK open houses each year, in October and January. See PreK through your children's eyes as our teachers lead you through interactive lessons.

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Our Curriculum

The Santa Catalina PreK curriculum takes a playful approach to learning. Fundamental material is taught in an engaging way with an emphasis on the “fun.”

Santa Catalina PreK students dance in a classroom