Get to Know Us

Summer at Santa Catalina is a sleepaway and day camp for girls ages 7-14.

Summer at Santa Catalina campers laughing and playing in the ocean

Vision Statement

Summer at Santa Catalina is dedicated to the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth of girls through experiential education. Our summer camp program strives to nurture girls as they begin to build their independence and self-reliance. We aim to help campers develop the virtues of honesty, kindness, and respect for others. Our goal is that campers receive and contribute to the support of an inclusive, caring, intentional community and leave camp with greater self-confidence, eager to be contributing members of their own communities.

Five Summer at Santa Catalina School girls smiling

Emotional Growth

We are here to help each girl gain tools to navigate her inner world so she can be confident in her outer world. We celebrate mistakes out loud so our campers learn that failure is part of the path of growth. Our staff guide campers through empathetic listening, positive community living, conflict resolution skills and self-compassion practices. Additionally, we are a body-positive environment, helping girls learn that their bodies are the tool to experiencing life, and not something to be judged.


Three Summer at Santa Catalina School girls work in the art room

Mental Growth

We grow cognitive skills with a wide variety of classes. Through sports, art, writing, dance, marine science, STEM, drama, and more, we build critical and creative thinking skills during the day. In our dorm communities, we practice mindfulness and self-compassion with practices like gratitude and mindful daily reflection.



Girl smiling

Spiritual Growth

Summer at Santa Catalina encourages girls to grow their own sense of spirituality through community connection, weekly Chapel Sing and Mass, and a focus on connecting to that which is greater than ourselves. We embrace the true meaning of the word "catholicity" (from the Greek words kata and holos, meaning "inclusive of everyone") with an invitation and welcoming spirit to all of our students.


Experiential Education

We value learning through play, movement, and experience! The community experience at Summer at Santa Catalina allows girls to form valuable relationships and learn from their day-to-day life every step of the way. Girls learn valuable life skills as our staff are trained to create teachable moments.