Parent Corner

This page is the ultimate resource for parents of Summer at Santa Catalina campers. In the videos below, dig deep into life at camp and get tips on how you can help make this the best experience for your camper.

Parent Pointers Introduction

Life at Camp

Learn more about our counselors and the daily structure of camp.

The role of counselors

Making time for rest

The day camp experience



Homesickness is a very real and very common occurrence at camp. Here are steps you can take to set your camper up for success.

Homesickness series overview

What is homesickness?

What to do at home

Helping your camper cope


Keeping in Touch

Summer at Santa Catalina is a tech-free camp. Learn more about what that means, why we do it, and how you can keep in touch with your camper.

Why we're tech-free

Sending care packages

How mail works

The Parent's Role

What you can do to ensure your camper has the most amazing experience.

Great parent partners

Successful drop-offs