Our Program

We intentionally build our camp community to create opportunities for campers to try new things, build independent and creative thinking skills, gain a sense of personal and community responsibility, and learn to access their own powerful inner resources.

Summer 2021 features four sessions over seven weeks, with two day camp sessions and two resident camp sessions. Both day and resident camp options will operate using a cohort model with campers organized by grade in groups of 10-14 campers and two staff members. Each cohort will travel to different activities together around camp and eat meals together. Learn more about our Summer 2021 structure, which has been designed to be both safe and fun.

Four Communities

Day and resident campers fully participate in four communities at camp: with their cohorts, in classes, on camp teams, and with all campers together. Each of these inclusive communities allows our campers to interact with each other in unique ways.

Camper Cohorts

Campers are grouped by grade in a co-created communal environment led by camp counselors. During our day camp sessions, campers participate in daily activities within their group. During our residential camp sessions, resident campers live, eat, and attend activities with their group. The dorms are a place where campers learn communal responsibility with daily chores, sharing space, and creating healthy relationships with their campmates.

Both our resident and day campers learn respect and awareness of others as they fully participate in daily camp life in their cohort communities. They learn to share space, how to be inclusive, and how to work through conflict in healthy, positive ways. This community is full of opportunities for campers to make lasting memories and friendships!

All Camp

Our all-camp community is important, and we are getting creative in finding ways for our campers to experience the fun, connection, and excitement of coming together as a whole camp community.

Day campers will frequently come together—while staying physically distant—for lunch and for all-camp traditions and games like Granny Bingo and Checks vs. Stripes. During resident camp, campers get to experience our all-camp community during evenings and weekends with all their favorite traditions like Granny Bingo, ’80s Dance Party, and Movie Night.

While camp may be a little different this summer, we promise it will feel the same with our innovative all-camp programming. Our evening and weekend activities are sure to amp up the fun and play of summer!

Checks vs. Stripes

Camp teams create yet another wonderful community where girls can learn healthy competition! Our teams are the Checks (green and white) and the Stripes (red and white), and campers find out their camp team during the first couple days of camp. Throughout camp, girls get a chance to learn team songs and participate in fun and silly team competitions like relays and scavenger hunts. Our competitions are places where girls can learn to support each other and win and lose with grace and kindness.

Girls painting ceramics

Classes & Activities

Campers rotate through a wide variety of camp classes and activities including art, aquatics, crafts, sports, marine biology, STEM, movement, and off-campus field trips that spark curiosity and build confidence and independence. There are four class periods per day. Classes are a great opportunity for campers to build community around a shared interest, teach and mentor each other, and learn new skills!

Learn more about our daily schedule and class offerings.

Leadership at Camp

Summer at Santa Catalina campers talking through a bullhorn

We strongly believe in the power of girls and young women—we know they are leaders and we strive to give our campers many leadership opportunities at every age. Our oldest camper group, the Monarchs (campers entering 9th grade), participate in various leadership and team-building activities designed to guide them in navigating their inner and outer worlds with kindness, grace, and responsibility. Campers identify their own leadership strengths and style while building inner resources to grow from both conflict and failure. These activities incorporate curriculum from Girls Leadership and The Embody Love Movement and include mindfulness and self-compassion exercises, conflict resolution practice, and body positivity through experiential education.

We are here to build community together, redefining leadership for the modern girl where speaking up doesn’t have to be scary, mistakes are celebrated in every way, and young women know their worth from the inside out.