Dining & Dorms

The Dining Room and dorm life at camp create unique environments for both day and resident campers. It provides new ground in which life long friendships are rooted. We are lucky in that all of our campers join together for daily lunch followed by a post-lunch rest hour in the dorms to read, listen to music, flash mob, write letters, rehearse skits, talk and laugh hilariously—and that hour really races by! By living and learning together, each girl has a number of opportunities to build skills such as cooperation, empathy, and respect.

Summer at Santa Catalina dining
Summer at Santa Catalina campers laughing in the dorms

The Dining Room

We have a great system for making the most of our meal times and it doesn’t hurt that the food is fresh, flavorful, and fantastic. During meal times, our dining room is an international bazaar and camp hub. Campers are assigned tables for breakfast and dinner to help them expand their horizons and meet campers of different ages and living in other dorms. We have a counselor or staff member at each table to act as a mentor, moderator, and big sister.

Lunch is buffet style and seating is open for day campers, resident campers, counselors, teachers, and staff to eat together. Campers and staff alike love our food management company, Bon Appétit, and rave about the wonderful choices and great flavors. Please be sure and see our sample menus for a taste of Summer at Santa Catalina.

The Dorms for Resident Campers

Resident campers stay in our spacious dorms, where a full staff of counselors—all college-age women—are always present and available. Dorm rooms are “double the fun,” and shared with two to a room. Every night is like a sleep over…until lights out and the girls recharge for the next exciting day.

Each dorm has two large bathrooms per floor, with individual shower stalls. We do not have en suite facilities, so campers should be sure to pack a shower caddy.

We also have our group meetings in the large common rooms of each dorm. During Rest Hour and evenings, the common rooms are abuzz with meetings, games, bracelet making, singing, music, and more!

The Dorms for Day Campers

Day campers visit the dorms throughout the day. During Rest Hour, they make friendship bracelets, read, listen to music, relax with their friends, and rest in the dorms. Counselors are always nearby to help with guidance and mentorship. If they are signed up to stay, day campers can also head up to the dorms during Free Time to hang out with their friends between dinner and the evening activity.