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Summer at Santa Catalina seeks joyful, hard-working, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals to serve on our summer team.

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Summer Staff

Summer at Santa Catalina’s empowering experiential learning sets us apart from other summer programs. We offer a residential and day camp experience focused on mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Our summer staff are vital to creating our camp community each summer!

We offer a wide variety of high-caliber classes taught by seasoned teachers and counselors. From marine biology and STEM to visual and performing arts to sports, baking, photography, and more, our campers value the skills they learn and the relationships they develop in their summer classes.

Top 6 reasons to work for Summer at Santa Catalina!

6. You turn your summer break into an adventure!

5. You get your very own room and enjoy outstanding accommodations for a summer camp position.

4. The location! You get to spend the summer on the beautiful Central Coast of California and enjoy the beach, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, and many other local attractions—not in your free time but through camp field trips.

3. You add an experience to your resume that companies look for in recruiting for leadership positions.

2. You join and help create a social and professional community that will provide you lifelong support.

1. You get to empower the next generation of girls!

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Camp Culture

Summer camp is a fun and transformative experience. Depending on your role, you may live in dorms with campers and supervise and care for them throughout their stay, and are active in camp activities, classes, and field trips. As a space that empowers girls, our staff are growth-oriented leaders and model the values of honesty, kindness, respect, and inclusivity. Each summer, our staff grow in their ability to actively listen and relate to others, problem solve, think critically, risk manage, time manage, and lead and speak in front of large groups.

Empowering Girls Through Experiential Education

Summer at Santa Catalina empowers girls through play, movement, and experience! Our program focuses on emotional growth by helping girls gain tools to navigate their inner worlds. Our wide variety of camp classes and camp programs challenge our campers to grow cognitively. As part of an all-girls Catholic school, we are also dedicated to encouraging girls to develop their own sense of spirituality through community connection, weekly Chapel Sing and Mass, and a focus on connecting to that which is greater than ourselves. Summer at Santa Catalina is an empowering space for girls to learn and grow. Our staff is composed of compassionate, inclusive leaders who want to help our campers find what being a girl means to each of them.

What Our Staff Say

“I have recently been promoted to a leadership position at my coffee shop and every day I am using the skills I learned from this past summer. The skills I use every day are conflict resolution, time management, and most importantly the teaching experience that I gained from this summer.” — Summer Staff '21

“I learned to ask for what I need! I have such a healthier communication style now.” — Summer Staff '21

“Camp gave me real leadership skills, taught me how to handle interpersonal conflicts, and improved my time management.” — Summer Staff '21

“I learned what it means to be a great leader. I felt confident in my abilities to maintain group dynamics and resolve small bumps, as well as handle some really big challenges.” — Summer Staff ‘22

Most importantly, in this job you change lives!

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