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Summer at Santa Catalina seeks joyful, hard-working, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals to serve on our summer team.

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Our summer counselors build an inclusive community, facilitate and teach activities, and help campers grow into their best selves. In the process, counselors gain valuable leadership and communication skills that will help them stand out to future employers. Counselors with experience working with youth, leading experiential activities, and maintaining a strong work ethic are desired. Requirements and responsibilities vary, and all counselors must be available from June 12–August 7, 2021.

Top 7 reasons to work for Summer at Santa Catalina!

7. You get to take campers on awesome field trips like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Asilomar State Beach!

6. You work with some really rad kids!

5. You get your very own room on a beautiful boarding school campus in Monterey, California!

4. You get to work on a supportive and loving team of people who help you become the best leader you can be!

3. THE BEACH. Spending the summer in Monterey is awesome!

2. You get paid to PLAY!

1. You change lives just by being YOU

Job Descriptions

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June 12–19 — Staff Training
June 21–August 6 — Four Sessions of Camp!
August 7 — Camp Cleanup Day

Time Commitment

Summer camp is a fun and fully immersive experience. During day camp, our counselors can expect to work Monday–Friday, 7:45 a.m.–5:45 p.m. During residential camp, we transition into our full day and weekend schedule, with daily breaks built into each counselor's schedule.

Competitive Salary

We provide competitive summer salaries, which include all meals and housing during camp programming.

Build Your Resume

Your experience as a counselor at Summer at Santa Catalina is sure to build your leadership and communication skills—two of the biggest things employers look for when hiring new employees. As a camp counselor, you grow in your ability to actively listen and relate to others, problem solve, think critically, risk manage, time manage, and lead and speak in front of large groups.

Most importantly, the number one thing to remember about this job is that the priority is the CAMPERS.

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