Our academic program is designed to expand students' minds and inspire their curiosity and desire for lifelong learning. Whether discussing the life of a cell or American foreign trade policy, our faculty encourage students to think for themselves, to ask questions, and to find answers. By the time they graduate, our students leave here equipped and empowered to excel.

Students collaborate in class


Special Programs

Advanced Topics (AT) Courses

AT courses allow students to go deep on the topics that interest them. These courses, which are UC Honors certified, are inspired by the passions of Santa Catalina students and designed by our expert faculty. AT courses are offered in English, history, math, science, and world languages.
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Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs in the visual and performing arts guide students through a comprehensive, multi-year course of study that expands as well as refines each student’s artistic repertoire. Not only does each student develop a portfolio of work that can be used for college admissions and future interviews, but both certificate programs also culminate with a senior showcase consisting of either a live performance or gallery exhibition.
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Journey, Santa Catalina’s co-curricular advising program, encompasses a weekly advising session as well as triennial Journey Days, which offer deeper dives into topics of community interest through presentations by visiting speakers, films, and discussion groups. Journey ensures a smooth transition into Santa Catalina for new students, teaches students essential life skills, promotes their growth as leaders, and helps them seek the best possible fit in the college application process.
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Marine Ecology Research Program

Because of our location just two miles from the Pacific Ocean, we have developed a signature program that exposes our students to the wonders of Monterey Bay and allows them to take full advantage of its great educational value. Our three-year Marine Ecology Research Program (MERP) provides an intensive focus on marine science for a select group of students beginning in their sophomore year.
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