Global Education

The purpose of Santa Catalina’s global education initiative is to develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge our students need to understand and address the world’s shared challenges with courage, grace, and compassion.

We cultivate students’ global competence so they take the lead and become positive change-makers in the world.

Santa Catalina School girl points to a blue whiteboard with %22La ciudadamia global%22 written on it

At Santa Catalina, you will:

  • Investigate the world. Learn how each nation’s cultural, economic, environmental, linguistic, and political landscape can have ramifications not only at the local and national levels, but internationally.
  • Recognize perspectives. Understand and recognize your own and others’ point of view.
  • Communicate ideas. Share your ideas effectively with diverse audiences.
  • Act. Translate your ideas into action to make the world a better place.

Certificate in Global Leadership

Global education at Santa Catalina takes an interdisciplinary approach that includes courses in world languages, religious studies, and history, as well as microcourses specific to such topics as global citizenship and diplomacy. Students also engage in experiences outside the classroom: traveling abroad, participating in service, attending lectures, and taking part in outward-focused extracurricular activities.

To earn a Certificate in Global Leadership, students must meet the following requirements.


Tile painting of a nun and donkey overlooking Santa Catalina School and Monterey in 1850

Built into our story

Santa Catalina has been a globally minded school since its inception. The first Santa Catalina School was founded in 1850 by Belgian-born Sister Marie de la Croix Goemaere, who had been recruited in Paris by the new bishop of Monterey. It was a faith-filled, hardworking, multilingual community focused on its mission to educate young women—much like today’s Santa Catalina.


Director of Global Education

Kassandra Thompson Brenot '87

Kassandra Thompson Brenot '87

Phone Numbers:
School: 831.655.9361