Anything you can imagine, you can accomplish (truly).

Take the stage at TEDx. Organize a campus-wide beach cleanup. Sing your heart out in a lavish, full-scale musical theatre production. In an all-girls environment, every opportunity, resource, and leadership role is geared toward you and your goals.


Meet Our Students


Gracie has been honing her craft as a painter. Her latest work—"Golden Skies Over the Gate"—won third place in a Congressional Art Competition.


Candace is making the Monterey Bay her classroom in the Marine Ecology Research Program. She and her classmates study how off-shore conditions affect the structure of abalone populations. They shared their findings at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego.


Channing is learning how to become a global advocate for humanitarian issues like climate change. She represented the U.S. at the Model U.N. Conference where she was recognized for Outstanding Performance in Committee.

Santa Catalina provides a safe, confidence-building community where the girls learn to respect one another, and most importantly, learn who they are and become comfortable with that.



A driver smiles from the driver side of a white van with a Santa Catalina School logo on the door.

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