Welcome to Santa Catalina School! You are embarking upon a very exciting chapter of your life, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

As you consider your high school options, you will explore opportunities that are academically challenging and rich in tradition. By including Santa Catalina as one of those choices, you will discover an education and school community that will support you, energize you, and guide you to a future filled with possibility.

Your journey through our website is just the beginning, and we hope it piques your interest. We encourage you to stay connected with our student life by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And we invite you to experience Catalina first hand: attend our admission events, meet our students and faculty, and tour our campus. To receive our school materials and invitations to our events, please fill out our online inquiry form.

Our Admission team and our entire school are excited to get to know you. Please contact us to inquire further and schedule a visit.


Jamie Buffington Browne ’85
Director of Admission

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Helen Young
Admission Office Coordinator

Jamie Buffington Browne '85
Director of Admission

Stephanie Hill
Associate Director of Admission

Sarah Kline
Associate Director of Admission

Ala Milani
Associate Director of Admission