Winter play 'Puffs' turns the wizarding world on its head

Potterphiliacs were treated to a hilarious new take on their favorite wizarding world with Santa Catalina School’s winter production of Puffs.

Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic, chronicles the beloved story of Harry and his adventures as seen from the perspective of another house of students “who just happened to be there too.” This story’s central trio are the eager Wayne (Rehema Kiama ’24), nerdy Oliver (Zay Mohan-Black ’26), and misplaced Megan (Eva Ushakoff ’24), who navigate all the perils of adolescence while the well-known plot points of the original series swirl around them (chronicled by a narrator played by Ava Kruger ’24). As the Puffs do their best to make a name for their perennially last place house—pinning their hopes on the charismatic and talented Cedric (Sofia Vea ’25)—Harry (Emmy McHugh ’26) drifts in and out with an “aw shucks, me again?” attitude that elicits increasingly annoyed eyerolls.

This is a show best enjoyed by people with a more than familiar understanding of the series, both books and movies. The action moves fast, the one-liners faster, with winking nods toward characters, events, cast changes, and more that would be lost on Potter newbies. Even so, each cast member did a fantastic job of bringing new characters to life in this shifted world, whether embracing distinctive personalities or fresh takes on the originals.

This is also a show that makes clear the vital contributions of backstage work. A single stationary set allowed for well-choreographed entrances and exits, nimble lighting and sound cues enhanced the rapid-fire action on stage, and a multitude of props added a specific layer of humor to an already spot-on spoof. (Ron as a red-headed mop? Genius.)

For those who attended, one thing is certain: They will never be able to look at Harry and friends the same way again.

See photos from the show.

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