'Shrek The Musical' a whimsical fairy-tale adventure

Santa Catalina School Theatre Arts brought a beloved modern fairy tale to life with the spring production of Shrek The Musical.

Fans of the Oscar-winning animated movie could not be disappointed with the song-filled adventure presented on stage. The musical follows the story of a solitary ogre named Shrek (Rehema Kiama ’24), who finds his peaceful swamp invaded by fairy-tale characters banished by the villainous Lord Farquaad (Sarah Gutshall ’26). To reclaim his home, Shrek agrees to rescue feisty Princess Fiona (Eva Ushakov ’24) from a dragon-guarded tower so that she may marry Farquaad. Along the way, Shrek forms an unlikely friendship with the wisecracking Donkey (Anna Halim ’25) and discovers a secret about Fiona that will lead to the pair’s happily ever after.

The musical was a delight from top to bottom, from catchy songs, well-executed choreography, and whimsical costumes to a strong ensemble cast that portrayed their fairy-tale counterparts with gusto. Sarah had far too much fun playing the short-statured Farquaad, moving around the stage on her knees while manipulating a pair of legs attached to her thighs. Impressive prop pieces included a Gingerbread Man whose mouth and eyebrows could be manipulated while voiced by Sofia Vea ’25, and a giant puppet dragon that took eight students to maneuver. (Alicia Bolivar ’25 had a commanding solo as the dragon personified.)

For those who love the world of Shrek and its characters, this musical adaptation provided a fresh and fun take on a classic tale.

See photos from the show.

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